Green trails

Sports and nature for all. A network of trails, ancient paths to be travelled on foot, by bike, horse, all in order to discovery the incredible variety of this territory facing the sea.

A territory that goes from the coast toward the interior and presents itself like a veritable open-air school gymn with extraordinary viewpoints, natural trails and educational paths.
An eclectic range of excursions above and below sea level, veritable paradises of colour for a holiday of sports and relaxation in complete respect for the environment.
There are routes with various levels of difficulty. For those who love strong emotions among the imposing cliffs of Capo Caccia, which is where the “via ferrata’ of Cabriol is located, one of the most evocative areas of the area and for sports climbing.

Then there is the charm of the underground tunnels where you can discover the fantastic worlds drawn by wonderfully-shaped formation that nature has patiently created over the centuries.

Ufficio Informazioni turistiche

Ufficio di Informazioni Turistiche della Città di Alghero
The Official Tourist Centre of Alghero

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Sabato - Saturday : 9/13

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