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Nature Sport & Relax: a place to be experienced

For those who love to completely soak up the atmosphere of a holiday in close contact with nature, for those looking for a relaxing holiday surrounded by greenery to while away the days in the peace and tranquillity of the Mediterranean countryside or those seeking a more active holiday with sports and excursions…they will be amazed at what Alghero has to offer!
This area has captivating natural surroundings, extraordinary landscapes and uncontaminated views from which one may contemplate the lovely settings of the natural parks and of the protected areas. From the greens of the Park of Porto Conte to the deep blues of the breathtaking sceneries of the Protected Marine Area: different settings, hills and plains, coast and sea for an unlimited choice of sport activities, trails or excursions both above and beneath the sea level.

Holiday under the sea

The sea of Alghero is an authentic paradise for “under sea” vacations. Evocative and fascinating worlds inhabited by thousands of animal and vegetable species, extraordinarily beautiful places…grottoes, ravines and fissures filled with incredibly varied life forms and colors.
From the vast plains of Posidonia, emblematic of submerged Mediterranean seascapes, to the silences of the submerged cliffs and grottoes where every dive is the discovery of an unrepeatable and original microcosm.

The Submerged Worlds of the Marine Area
The underwater world of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia – Isola Piana (Piana Island) has countless underwater grottoes. The limestone cliffs of Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia include an infinite number of ravines, arches and grottoes, above and below sea level. Under the massive limestone of Capo Caccia, can be found one of the most majestic grottoes in the whole Mediterranean Sea: The Grotto di Nereo (Nereo’s Grotto). With its 350 meters, enchanting view, 7 entrances lying in different depths, underwater passageways, tunnels and archways, this grotto has an ever-changing variety of routes to be taken.
But please bear in mind that this sea area is protected.

If you would like to dive or go snorkeling there in order to explore its splendid sea floor, you may do so freely.
To dive in the grotto, though, you must obtain authorization from the Marine Area Overseer (Gestore dell’Area Marina).
You may not go diving in the “A Zone Riserva Integrale’ (the stretch of sea to the west of the Piana Island, for a distance of 200 m from the coast and the stretch at the Punta Sant’Antonio, in the area of Agra Port).

Underwater Fishing: Prohibited in the entire Protected Marine Area.

Sports fishing: for non-residents, it is necessary to obtain authorization from the Protected Marine Area.

For information on the Protected Marine Area and for authorization requests, please consult:
AMP Capo Caccia – Isola Piana
T 079 998551 – 548 | F 079 998 415
e-mail [email protected] | www.ampcapocaccia.it

Ufficio Informazioni turistiche

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