The Alghero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the hills, across the planes and down towards the sea, the olive tree is a constant in the landscape of Alghero. Here, the cultivation of olive trees is a tradition

The olive oil industry of this area is one of the most important of the entire island, an activity that was able to respect and enhance the value of the heritage of its past. The most common cultivar is the “bosana’, typical of Sardinian. The resulting oil has a great organoleptic value and is characterised by a strong green and yellow colour that chromatically varies in time and also by its fruity smell and flavour that also contains traces of bitterness and spiciness

D.O.P.(Protected denomination origin) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The D.O.P. (Protected denomination origin)

This brand gives the consumer a guarantee of the product’s Sardinian origin and it is exclusively associated to the extra virgin olive made in certain areas of the island, among which Alghero. 80% of this extra virgin oil is made from the following varieties: Bosana, Tonda di Cagliari, Nera (Tonda) of Villacidro, Semidana and their equivalents. The leftover 20% is made up from the minor varieties present in the territory, though which do not affect the final characteristics of the product.

The Protected Designation of Origin “Sardinia’ extra virgin olive oil must necessarily be extracted in the same place in which it is then produced, and exclusively via mechanical and physical processes that guarantee the preservation of the fruit’s original characteristics and give the product a better organoleptic quality.
The use of chemical, biochemical (enzymes) or mechanical (talcum) products is prohibited during the transformation process from olives to oil.
Throughout the territory there are companies and associations that also offer oil tasting in addition to the direct sale.

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