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In Alghero, good wine is the norm. Here, the art of making wine – historical brands on new realities – creates high quality wines whose flavours are a combination of tradition, taste and passion.

The “Alghero’ wine area spreads across planes and hills and right down to the sea. In this area the heterogeneous ground, the generosity of the sun and the sea breeze enable one to cultivate vines with many different qualities. From the more characteristic flavours of Sardinia, the Cannonau and Vermentino, to the Monica and Cagnulari, the latter an ancient vine exclusively produced in a restricted area in north-east Sardinia. The Cagnulari red wine has found in Alghero its ideal home, giving its best in this area and creating the “DOC Alghero Cagnulari’. And the Torbato whose aroma captures a fragment of Catalan history. It first arrived in Spain thanks to the Phoenician merchants and later was brought to Alghero by the Catalans in the XIV century. The white grape variety, once cultivated in many parts of the Mediterranean basin, was abandoned in time by all, with the exception of Alghero.

The “Alghero’ DOC
The brand Doc (Controlled origin denomination) is an identification mark of quality that is attributed to all wines produced in delimited areas, usually small- to medium-sized areas, bearing their geographical name. The area in which Alghero DOC is made also produces different types of red and white wines.
The designation “Alghero’, followed by the following specifications

● Torbato
● Sauvignon
● Chardonnay
● Cabernet sauvignon, franc or Carmenére, alone or together
● Sangiovese
● Cagnulari o Cagniulari
● Vermentino

is used exclusively for those wines produced from grapes that come from vineyards which have at least 85% of the correspondent vines.

DOCG – Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin

Different DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) and IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) red and white wines are also made throughout the territory.

The Docg brand is an identification mark of a special valuable quality and it is restricted to some Doc wines that are both nationally and internationally renowned. The only Sardinian wine that can boast of this most prestigious denomination brand is the Vermentino di Gallura. Originally produced in the Iberian Peninsula, in 1800 the wine came to Sardinia passing through Corsica and found its ideal habit in the ground of Gallura. From the lands of Gallura, the Vermentino then spread throughout the whole region. Due to the different environment in the various parts of the island, the resulting wine mixes its classic and typical quality traits with strong and singular touches deriving from the different production areas.

IGT – Typical Geographical Indication
The IGT brand is the first level of distinction for all typical wines. Igt indicates the geographical name of an area that is used to designate the resulting product. Igt differentiates those wines that have special organoleptic characteristics specific to the production areas. These production areas must belong to a large wine producing territory, distinguished by an environmental uniformity so as to give the wine homogenous features.

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