Porto Conte Regional Park

The Park begins immediately north of Alghero with the Calich lagoon, situated behind the stretch of sand that joins Alghero and Fertilia.

It then extends towards the coastline, spreading throughout the whole northern area of the territory up to the city border, near Porto Ferro. From the coastline to the inland, the park is a succession of hills and curves leading towards the sea. The highest peak is Mount D’Olla: with its 437 metres it is an extraordinary viewpoint of the entire Alghero area and of the sea.
The park also includes “Le Pinnette’ State Forest, an extremely important natural reserve inhabited by different floral and faunal species of particular scientific interest.
Different nature trails suitable for all tastes and ages
If you’re looking for a family excursion…
relaxed walks with your children to take in breathtaking landscapes and maybe also to unexpectedly come face to face with the white donkeys of the Asinara or with the Giara ponies (a Sardinian pony breed). On foot or by bike, you will go through wondrous natural settings, while travelling along accessible and clearly signed paths.

For the more adventuresome…

Those seeking inaccessible and less beaten tracks may have the chance (with previous permission from the managing authorities) to reach those areas that are usually closed off for conservation purposes, such as the slopes of Mount Timidone and an area in Cala della Barca. Thanks to these alternative paths, you can reach extraordinary panoramic points with incredible views of the coast and of the magnificence of the sea.

For birdwatchers…

Within the park there are approximately 150 bird species, although the most representative bird is definitely the Griffon vulture, one of the largest and most majestic flyers in Europe. In Sardinia, the griffon colony nests mainly in the Bosa area, but it might also nest on the cliffs of Punta Cristallo and Punta della Pegna. From November to January you might even see a griffon vulture during its “nuptial flight’. Another important stopover and nesting area for the bird population is the Calich Lagoon with its many “limicola’ bird species, such as the Cavaliere D’Italia (The Italian Knight) and different types of herons like the dwarf heron and the grey heron. The park is also inhabited by lovely pink flamingos.

The Park itineraries

1. Tour to Casa Gioiosa
Guided tour of the park house
Suitable for: Single individuals, groups
Duration: 2 hours
N° of participants: minimum 15, maximum 25 per tour guide

2. Le Prigionette
Excursion along the Cala Lunga path
Suitable for: Groups
Duration: 6 hours
N° of participants: Minimum 15, maximum 25 per tour guide

3. Punta del Liri (Giglio)
Escursion along the Punta Giglio path
Suitable for: Groups
Duration: 4 hours
N° of participants: Maximum 25 per tour guide

4. Landing in the Park
Boat excursion and guided tour of the park house Casa Gioiosa
Addressed to: Groups, organisations.
Duration: 5 hours
N° of participants: Maximum 40

Useful information and advice

The tours and activities take place in the entire park area and inside Casa Gioisa and are performed by qualified park operators. The specified prices do not include bus travel expenses. The park does not guarantee insurance coverage for visitors.
Useful tips: Please use suitable clothing and footwear. It is important for all visitors to have their own supply of water.


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