Parks to experience

If you love practising sports in a relaxed way, having the thrill of your life or simply taking in beautiful scenery, the parks in this area will allow to do all of the above. Sea, hills, lagoons, beaches and steep sea cliffs…The two parks, the Porto Conte Regional Park and the Capo Caccia-Isola Piana Protected Marine Area are distinguished by their great variety of settings and for their profusion of floral and faunal species which are of particular scientific interest. An infinity of routes made up of images, colours, fragrances, ancient testimonies and unknown spaces for a unique experience in contact with a nature that is still uncontaminated to this day. From the coast towards the inland, the whole territory of Alghero is a true outdoor environmental school with incredible viewpoint areas, nature trails and educational itineraries. Sports and relaxation within a paradise of colours for a genuine eco-friendly holiday, with full respect for the environment.