Here the blue of the sea and the green natural settings create unexpected pathways amongst traces of ancient and great civilisations. An infinity of trails where archaeology and history live together in enchanting and uncontaminated landscapes: domus de janas (ancient tombs carved in the rocks), Nuraghi (Megalithic fortresses with a central tower), Phoenician ruins and Roman villas arise out of the Mediterranean scrub…with crystal blue colours in the background. For those who love archaeology, hiking or mountain biking or for those who merely want to learn more about the Island's origins, the proud and ancient earth mother of the Mediterranean sea, Alghero will amaze you. From the coast going inland, the Alghero area offers endless journeys and feelings in which the colors of nature meld with the shapes and signs of ancient civilizations. The charming scenery of the Baia di Porto Conte (Porto Conte Bay), the Portus Nimpharum of the ancient Romans, give unmistakable witness to this. Among the intense Mediterranean scrub and the ancient stone, we catch glimpses from various types of architecture of fascinating historical fragments of an area that has always been inhabited. On the cliffs of Capo Caccia, the promontory closing the bay off at the west, is found the Grotta Verde in which various artifacts have been uncovered and pre-historical graffiti scratched into the walls give proof to the presence of man from the Neolithic era.In the innermost part of the bay are found the remains of the Nuraghic village Sant'Imbenia and the Villa Romana (Roman Villa) of Porto Conte. An infinity of itineraries in which history and archeology mingle in quaint and uncontaminated scenery.

The Archaeological Park

Currently the Nuraghic Palmavera Village and the Anghelu Ruju Necropolis are open to visitation. Upon booking you can visit the Tomb I (or vases Tetrpodi) Santu Pedru.   Information and guided tours COOP. SILT M +39 329 43 85 947 – 349 0871972 e-mail [email protected] | GREEN PASS From 6 August 2021, in accordance with the recent Law Decree n.105 of 23 July 2021, in order to get access to the sites you must present your EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE (Green Pass). The provisions do not apply to children under 12 years of age or to persons with specific medical certifications. For more information on how to obtain certification kinldy consult your national health authority or visit