The Region and its products


The Porto Conte Natural Regional Park
The natural, protected area of the Porto Conte Park has incomparably beautiful countryside, eco-systems of international importance and extensive biological diversity, with many species that are unique to the area. These bring people from far and wide to visit, as do the fascination of Neptune’s Grotto, the escala del cabirol cliff stairways and extraordinarily beautiful panoramic views, such as that of Punta Giglio. Everything is surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Cape Caccia Protected Marine Area. Every part of the park has traces of ancient human occupation, which can be found in the Green Cave (Neolithic), in Palmavera, Monte Sixeri, and S. Imbenia (remains of early Sardinian Nuragic culture) and Roman remains.

Casa Gioiosa
The headquarters of the park is at the settlement of Tramariglio, located within the 20th century prison. It houses the Centre of Environmental Education, the botanical garden, the Museo della memoria carceraria (the Prison Memorial Museum) and the art display “Il Piccolo Principe – Tributo al M° Elio Pulli” (The Little Prince - a tribute to M° Elio Pulli).

The shop in Tramariglio, located in front of the Casa del Parco, where you can buy food products which are certified with the Parco di Porto Conte quality label, a quality certification system for the environmental quality of products and tourist services provided within the natural protected area and in the surrounding production area.

The Quality Label
The quality label of the Porto Conte Regional Park is a useful way of getting the best out of the area, by carrying out work which is compatible with protecting the environment. The network brand was created and has been regulated to identify those companies and products/services which contribute to keeping and improving the environmental quality of the area, with careful attention and the application of good environmental practices.

Companies taking part in the CIEVP Project

1. Azienda agricola Antonella Ledà D’Ittiri
2. Cantina Rigàtteri
3. Tenute Delogu
4. Azienda Agricola Nure
5. Sa Tanca de Su mele
6. Azienda Agricola Quadrifoglio
7. Azienda Agricola Caria Giovanna
8. Azienda Agricola Stefano Cucca
9. Azienda Agricola Podere 854
10. Azienda Agricola Mureddu Aru
11. Azienda Agricola Fratelli Riu
12. Zaffera
13. Hotel Punta Negra Alghero
14. Agriturismo Agave
15. Agriturismo Barbagia
16. Azienda Agrituristica La Genziana
17. Agriturismo Naturabio
18. Agriturismo Sa Mandra
19. Agriristoro Porticciolo
20. Mangiasardo Street food
21. Ristorante Pizzeria Sa Sevada
22. Exploralghero
23. Silt
24. Bike garden Raggi di Sardegna
25. VelSAR veicoli elettrici Sardegna

Download the map of the companies here

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