The red coral and the quality label


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Corallium rubrum (known as red coral) is of great value for the economy of Sardinia and especially so for the town of Alghero. It has been prized since ancient times for its hardness and intense natural colour. It is a living material which is gathered by our fishermen, and then turned into unique and timeless jewels and works of art by craftsmen. Red coral is more than just a valuable local product for Alghero: it is an expression of the culture and tradition of the town, as reflected in the name Riviera del Corallo - the Coral Coast - and in its coat of arms: a branch of precious red coral growing on a rock. Craftsmanship and high-value business is tied to this extraordinary product.

The working phases involve smoothing and engraving. Smoothing creates small individual or paired elements used for earrings, rings, pendants and more standardised work that is used to put together necklaces and bracelets. But it is during the engraving stage that artisan-artists can best express themselves, and indeed the skill of their hands and creativity ensure that a piece of coral is transformed into a real work of art, a unique and inimitable piece.

Coral is sold in Alghero through shops which are guaranteed and certified by the brand. Workshops that are licensed by the quality label are best able to help customers and provide details on the choice of coral based on quality and type of work. The brand guarantees skill and ensures that a quality product is being bought, rather than unnatural, artificially-coloured products which are put on the market at much lower prices to trick purchasers, who are given false information. The provision of the guarantee certificate with the symbol of the brand ensures the originality and quality of the red coral which is fished in the Mediterranean.


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