Good Food

The good food itinerary
Alghero, a town with great food!

Alghero is the perfect place to experience the good food that comes from our land and from our seas, which is produced by the companies in our region, and which our restaurants transform to create unique, healthy and irresistibly tasty dishes.
Together with some local restaurants we have started a project to tell the story of food production and the area’s tradition in food and wine so we can best reflect the city’s culture.
In the restaurants shown here you will find some of our traditional recipes, as well as local wines and olives, sourdough bread made with Sardinian durum wheat, food products which are certified with the Parco di Porto Conte label, local fish, fruit and vegetables from our farms, cheeses and traditional desserts.


Trattoria Lo Romanì


Ristorante Alamo

Osteria delle 4 Stagioni

La Sartoria del Gusto

Mòn Bar Bistrot

Al Refettorio

Plaça Civica

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